Sarah Sears Jewelry: Objects as Art


Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Sarah Sears has been a working jeweller and metalsmith in the city since graduating from NSCAD University in 2013. She's established herself as a go-to craftsperson for those looking for unique, handmade pieces to adorn their bodies (she made my engagement ring) or their homes.


Much of Sarah's work would fit in your pocket, often mixing textures and materials. She is inspired by the maritime landscape, or world travel and her jewellery speaks of her own experiences. Her hand is evident in every piece. 

Through recent exploration with larger forms, the family of Balance Vases were born.  For these vases, sheets of copper are cut by hand with a jeweller's saw into curving shapes before they're soldered together to create a watertight form. 

After Sarah finishes construction and sands the surface smooth, a patina in applied for colour. She soaks her vessels in a liquid mixture that produces these greeny-blues through a chemical reaction with the copper. These results can vary from vase to vase, making each one unique. 


With a narrow profile and sweeping lines, these beauties are sculptures in their own right. Why keep a vase in the cupboard when it looks like this? 





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