Calica Studio: Working together from a (long) distance


We met at Sheridan College in the Crafts and Design: Textiles program in 2007 and have since formed a truly unique and collaborative working relationship. Meghan lives in Halifax and Rebecca in Toronto. We work over Skype and speakerphone, chatting about our lives in different cities, excitedly bouncing ideas off of each other or sometimes barely talking, the clicking of fingers on keys being the only sound heard through the line.

For each edition of Calica Studio product; scarves or pillows, one of us tends to take the creative lead, while the other steps into a role of creative assistance. Our designs begin with drawings, collages, embroideries or paintings which we then continue to develop and refine digitally. At times our process recalls critiques from those craft college days, humming and hawing over which colours would make a design feel less-this and more-that. Working through options together and sharing our ideas allows both of our voices to be heard and to arrive at a place where we wouldn't have without this special collaboration.

With so much distance between us, it's always a treat when we find ourselves in the other one's home, working across from each other, sitting on the floor or sinking into a sofa around a coffee table. We drink tea and watch bad tv or listen to a podcast while we play with pastels, watercolours and collage. 


Meghan: Halifax

Wheels Pastel

Rebecca: Toronto


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