Jesse Bromm: Glass and Life on the Road

Rebecca and I first met Jesse Bromm in 2007 when we were all first year students in Sheridan College's Craft and Design program. We've always admired Jesse's work - how he thoughtfully connects environmental issues, literary themes and existential questions to forms that he creates out of a medium that is at once fluid, fickle and fragile.



While maintaining both a sculptural and functional art practice, Jesse finds himself on the road. He's travelling across Canada in a converted 2005 Ford Ranger truck on a research trip funded in part by a grant from The Dalglish Family Foundation Venture Award with Harbourfront Centre. Crisscrossing the country from Halifax to Victoria and a detour south across the border to desert climes, he stops into glass studios along the way, shadowing other artists and writing about his experiences.


Never one to accumulate an abundance of things, Jesse's decisions around what he brings into his space have become even more considered as he lives in a small footprint on top of the wheels that get him to where he's going. Clear glass and simple forms are elements that make the cut.

A touch of green, collected at a roadside look-off finds new presence when added to an organically-shaped bud vase.


A beverage shared with friends looks so crisp when poured from a minimal pitcher that doubles as a vessel for wildflowers.


These pieces are about making special the everyday acts of being alive. Follow the links below to shop Jesse's work. 

- Meghan


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