Our long distance:

We met in 2007 while attending craft college just outside of Toronto. We were in a textiles program with 10 other women, all working alongside each other in the school's shared studio space. In class we drank tea and talked about what we made and why we made it. We shared dreams and inspiration and creative feedback. After graduation we both moved away and stayed in touch. Later, living in the same city again we created Calica Studio, a collaborative textile design studio focusing on personal accessories. Now, with distance between us once more; Meghan in Halifax and Rebecca in Toronto, we are building our lives separately while still maintaining a personal and creative relationship. We talk nearly every day, drink tea on the phone, and meet in the same city whenever we can. Together we created Long Distance, a space for us to share our lives and share our favourite objects for the curious collector.  

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Meghan Macdonald & Rebecca Horwitz photo by Naomi Hill

Meghan Macdonald & Rebecca Horwitz
photo by Naomi Hill


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